How to Not Be Crippled by Fear

Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock
4 min readFeb 2, 2024
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Fear is something most of us learn as a young child and something we carry into adulthood. Fear has no discrimination of age, sex, color or educational background. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced it for a moment or there were certain events that caused us to live in fear.

No matter what is going on in your life today, you are not wrong for having fears. What if being fearful is not the only option that is available?

Here are four tips to help you keep put a chasm between yourself and fear:

Get out of your head.

If you are willing to clear your mind and stop the chatter of the perceived fear, then you will find that you can create a space that enables you to relax and come up with creative ideas instead.

Practical Application: Sit down, or in a standing position, close your eyes and put your hands on your lap or cheeks. Take a breath from under your feet, and bring the breath up to your head. Then, slowly release the breath back to your toes. Repeat this process two more times.

This breathing exercise is a quick way to provide clarity. It also brings fresh oxygen into your body, lungs and brain while also slowing down your heart rate.

Realize that you are bigger than your fear.

Fear often makes us think that the problem is bigger than us. What if nothing was actually bigger than you and could not stop you? What if all that was required was for you to take a different path? Most people try to avoid the problem, and instead, they allow their minds to wander to the worst-case scenario. What if there is nothing you cannot handle?

Fear often makes us think that the problem is bigger than us.

Practical Application: Become present by focusing on your breath or your feet. Then, imagine you are lowering any walls and barriers. You can even say, “Barriers down. Barriers down.”Now, allow everything you have feared to be received with no resistance and pass all the way through you.

Once we stop resisting and avoiding a situation or problem, we no longer make it more significant than our knowing. This allows us to receive awareness and information on ways not to just handle it but to find solutions to improve the situation.

Turn your fear 180 degrees.

Fear can make us forget about our own power, wellness and creativity. The body might be reacting physiologically to something. However, we interpret those sensations and make conclusions based on our past experiences and learning. Instead, flip the situation 180 degrees and focus your attention on questions which allows you to use your creative energy to your advantage.

Practical Application: Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t feeling fearful, then what other creative ideas do I have to handle this situation? What creative ideas do I have that would make things better, more efficient or to create something new that has never existed before? What other choices are available in this situation that I have not yet considered? Who can I contact or where can I go to have more information about this?

Note that you are not looking for answers when you ask these questions. You want to remain open to the infinite possibilities. The goal is to ask from a place of curiosity and wonder. Then, write down each idea that you get. With each idea, ask yourself, “Who or what do I need to add to bring this idea to fruition?”

Never quit.

There are many situations and events in life we cannot control — whether we allow them to control or paralyze us is our choice. Possibilities don’t end just because the unexpected, unplanned or even undesired shows up. Possibilities only end when we stop seeking them.

There are many situations and events in life we cannot control — whether we allow them to control or paralyze us is our choice.

Practical Application: One of my favorite tools is to repeat the saying, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”

It acknowledges that no matter what is going on — good, bad or ugly — ease, joy and glory is always a possibility. Glory is about the exuberance, gratitude and new opportunities that can be available even in dark or intense times. It is this perspective that has allowed me to be most resilient and never give up in some of my biggest fears and challenges.

Most of us do not know our own strength until challenges occur and we have to think differently. What if now is the time to allow your creativity to shine and to allow the fears to dissipate? If you knew you could not fail, then what would you choose today?

How do you respond to fear? How can you actively choose to move forward even when you are afraid?

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